Professional editing and proofreading services for the Arts, Sciences, and Humanities

Basic editing and proofreading (recommended for we–structured texts that require a thorough revision of the English language)

Premium editing


The goal of our innovative educative revision and proofreading services is to transform our editorial work into knowledge for the end-user. We will go through your text, we will signal mistakes and discuss them with you face-to-face in our Virtual Classroom, so that you can learn from them.

Ask us how it works!


During 2016 we will charge a flat fee of 25 € per hour (with a minimum of 2 hours per assignment). You decide what type of services you need: basic editing and proofreading, premium editing, or educative editing and proofreading. Total time of work will vary depending on the services required and on the quality of the original text. Send us your manuscript, we will diagnose it for you, and give you an estimate price.  

Did you take part in one of our Science Writing Workshops? If you did, you will get a 20% discount in your first editing and proofreading assignment.

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